Get Fresh Flowers For Special Occasions In Northampton From a Local Florist

Looking for a quality floral gift for your dear one? Then contact Tony Jones Florist, a specialist in floral arrangements and gifts. Our skilled florist in Northampton can create floral arrangements that are suitable for any event. Only fresh flowers are used in the bouquets so that they can make your loved one happy. We can prepare beautiful floral arrangements for weddings and Valentine’s Day. Our Valentine’s Day flower is created to soothe the person you love. We provide our service to our customers in Hampton and the adjacent regions. Pick the flowers you want and let us know. Then we will include them in the arrangement. We have a team of professionals who are talented and create beautiful floral designs for you. Our customer service team maintains transparent communication with the buyers so that they can share their queries and get information. Whether you want a special bouquet for your wedding or want to give a beautiful floral arrangement to your partner on Valentine’s Day, we have you covered.


Local And Trusted Florist In Northampton

Our floral arrangements are romantic and include seasonal flowers. We select the most beautiful seasonal flowers for you so that you can choose the ones you want. The flowers are fresh so that they can create a good impression in front of your loved one. We follow various colour theories to come up with the perfect bouquet. We make sure to pay attention to the selections made by the buyers so that there is no mistake when we are arranging the floral gift for them. Our skilled florist in Northampton ensures that flowers of good quality are being used for the arrangement. This helps us to build a good reputation. Our florist can provide you with stunning floral designs and can go to any extent to fulfil your requirements. They can arrange same-day flowers for you and provide them to you as fast as possible. Our customers like our work and contact us for every kind of occasion. We always aim to exceed your expectation.



  • Valentine Day Flower

    Our florist will prepare the perfect spring flower arrangement for you. They use fresh and seasonal flowers to make your moments special. The designers create customised bouquets so that your ideas and choices can get reflected through the floral arrangement. In order to make it beautiful flowers of various colours are added to the arrangement.

  • Wedding Flowers

    We can provide you with beautiful floral arrangements that can make your special day a memorable one. Beautiful coloured flowers are added so that they can bring a smile to your face. Our staff can also prepare special bouquets for your friends and maids of honour. All the bouquets will be unique and different from each other.

  • Funeral Flowers

    It is essential that your funeral is exceptional, our florist can arrange your funeral flowers to your specific requirements. Do not worry as we can help you out with that. You can either state your wishes or get a bespoke arrangement or leave it to our experienced professionals. We can also assist you by providing the same day flower for your loved ones.